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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Moto Mania - July 2014

Moto Mania is held at the Uptown VFW (Post 246) at the same time as First Thursday at Dulono's Pizza.  The VFW is nearby (on Lyndale next to Herkimer) and within easy walking distance of Dulono's so I parked at the VFW and walked back and forth a few times.  They have free covered parking so it's not a hassle to park like it can sometimes be near Dulono's.  Here's a nice ironhead parked out front.

This was the 3rd-ever Moto Mania bike night.  I attended the first (blog post) but missed last month as I had just returned from a huge moto-camping-fishing adventure in South Dakota.  Even though it's a new event, it's taking on a distinct personality based on the people who tend to show up and their style of bikes.  For the most part you will see a mix of customized bikes, some choppers, some cafe racers, some vintage, most dirty and well-ridden.  I have not seen much in the way of sport bikes or baggers.  It's not that they're not welcome but a covered parking lot isn't an ideal location for the "look at me" crowd.

Dan's Royal Enfield was looking good (he's been real busy with Plasti-Dip)...

...but somehow it still gets no respect from his friends.

After all the time I have spent making mounts for my new rear fender and painting it (it's almost done!!!), I wonder whether this would have been the better option.

I ran into a bunch of people I know and some people I only previously knew online.  There were are a lot of great bikes to look at, some new-to-me, and many old favorites.  One of the bikes that definitely falls in the latter bucket is Charlie's shovel.  I liked his bike even back before it was painted (blog post) and the paint is awesome.

The bike that pulled up along side it later on is another favorite of mine, Joe's panhead.  He keeps changing the tank (among many other things) so it always looks like a new bike.

Jarad's ironhead looked good.

Speaking of ironheads, this one was cool too:

As you can see, I'm not the only guy in Minneapolis with a swingarm-mounted fender on his Evo Sporty:

Speaking of Evo Sporties, here are couple.

Overall, I had a really good time bouncing back and forth between Dulono's and the VFW on Thursday and plan to keep doing it in future months.  Everyone is welcome and you don't have to be a veteran (I'm not) so stop by and check it out!

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