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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Full Tilt Boogie 2014 - Part 8

Here are some of the Evo Sportsters that I spotted at the Full Tilt Chopper Show.  First up is one that lives up to the sticker on the oil tank.

Andy's bike:

Josh's bike:


Purple hardtail:


The rear suspension on this bike puts the sport back in Sportster:

Big ol' racing slick on this one.  I have no idea what the story was behind the tank sticker on the tank.

Yes it has rear suspension but the seat is a fraction of an inch thick and does not appear to contain any foam.

Not satisfied with the ample fuel capacity of your stock tank?  Dent both sides to achieve the limited range enjoyed by all the cool kids with their tiny narrow tanks.  It looks good but I wonder if this was done to perfectly good tank or if the tank was already dented and he made both sides match.

Two more Evos to go.

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