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Saturday, July 5, 2014

First Thursday - July 2014

It was a beautiful night for First Thursday at Dulono's Pizza.  This guy's shirt was funny.
I rode my Sportster and parked over at the VFW for Moto Mania (more on that later).  I walked back and forth to Dulono's a few times.  This was the first month Dulono's was selling beer in the parking lot.  Next month they're supposed to be throwing a big party on First Thursday with a live band outside.

The crowd was very large (pictures never do it justice because the bikes sprawl out down all the side streets) but I honestly expected it to be even bigger.  I'm guessing the holiday weekend might have limited attendance somewhat.

Here are some highlights of bikes I liked and/or found interesting.  Check out this Buell.  It seems to have no tubing at all (at least not in the traditional sense).  The frame, forks, tank, and more all seem to be made out of sheet metal.

Speaking of homemade bikes, I wish I could have seen and heard this thing run:

There were a handful of cool Sportsters:

I really like the diversity of bikes you see at Dulono's from Harleys to sportbikes to customized Honda Ruckuses.

I can't believe Brett (2eight Customs) was selling his Yamaha (there was a "for sale" sign on the seat).  This bike is awesome.

If you walk the streets and pay attention, you will usually be rewarded with some vintage iron too.  Here's a knuckle, a pan, and a shovel.

Photos from Moto Mania are up next!

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