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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Moto Mania - May 2014

Moto Mania is a brand new event that coincides with First Thursday bike night at Dulono's Pizza.  It's hosted by the local VFW.  This past Thursday was the very first one.  One day, when it's a huge event, people will be talking about how they've attended every one and were there from the beginning.  They'll be a bunch of damn liars because less than a dozen people showed.  Stupid weather.

The VFW is on Lyndale and has a covered parking lot right next to The Herkimer, which is great because the cops seemed to love to write tickets for bikes parked illegally last year (see this post).

A classy duct tape sign pointed the way to bike parking.

Here you can see the crowd.

Ton-Up Minneapolis had a table set up promoting their 2nd Annual Rockers Spring Social on May 17th.  I went last year (click here for posts)

While there weren't a lot of bikes to look at, I liked all the ones that were there.  Here are just a few.


Dan's Royal Enfield (complete with G&C sticker on his helmet):

Dominick's hardtailed ironhead (also with a few G&C stickers on it):

After hanging out for a bit, I headed out to take a few photos around town.  Those are up next.  Hopefully the weather will be a lot better for the rest of the summer so First Thursday and Moto Mania can continue to grow.

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