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Sunday, April 6, 2014

First Ride of the Season 2014

I was able to get two rides in during March.  The first was on March 20th and it was a short ride after work.  Not only was I treated to a beautiful sunset, but I got a chance to try out my brand new Biltwell Gringo helmet and bubble shield!

My second ride was on the Sunday of the Donnie Smith Show (3/30) but I'll be posting those pics later.

Just to see how it compares, here are the dates that I took my first ride of the season over the prior 5 years:
  • 2014: March 20
  • 2013: March 29
  • 2012: March 10
  • 2011: March 19
  • 2010: March 6
  • 2009: February 8
I still have never ridden in Minnesota in December or January.

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