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Saturday, March 1, 2014

New Stickers Available For Sale

I just added a bunch of brand new, exclusive sticker designs to the shop!

I now have 29 assorted stickers available for only $1.50 each (plus shipping):

Assorted Sticker Designs
2-Wheel Hot Rod High Speed Therapy Stock Bikes Suck
Can't Leave Well Enough Alone I Don't Give A Fuck How They Do It In Japan Swap Meet Special
Chop That Fuckin' Sportster I Think I Voided The Warranty This Is My Good Bike
Death Trap If You Think This Is A Piece Of Shit You Should See My Other Bike Ton Up Or Shut Up
Evos Suck
At Breaking Down, Leaking, And Not Starting On The First Try
Loud Pipes Save Lives What Do You Mean?
This Is My Good Bike
Fenders Are For Pussies Midwest Is The Best
Fuck All The Rest
Fenders Are For Pussies
But I Really Hope It Doesn't Rain
Midwestest Wisconsin Has Two Seasons
Riding And Wrenching
Fuck U Minne-fuckin'sota XL1200
Fuck Winter Minnesota Has Two Seasons
Riding And Wrenching
Garage Built Rattlecan Paint Job

I also updated one existing design as the first run of "Rattlecan Paint Job" stickers had very thin spray lines as a result of the screenprinting process.  It looked fine, but my original intent was for them to be more pronounced.

I added two Gophers And Cheese logo stickers featuring Shawn Dickinson's artwork.  All logo stickers are only $1.00 each (plus shipping):

Of course,  I recently added t-shirts to the store too.  Get yours for $15.00 (plus shipping).

Note: All prices current as of 3/1/2014 but are subject to change.
See store for current pricing and availability.

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