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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Build Art Bike Show - Part 1

This past Saturday, I took a 2-hour drive down to Austin, MN to check out the Build Art Bike Show.

Andy Hull from Hold Fast Motors (Facebook, Website) organized the event as a fundraiser with some help from Relic Kustoms.  It was a very small show (only 6 bikes upstairs and 13 on the main floor) but the location was really cool and I ended up spending hours there and took over 300 photos.  Based on everything I've heard since, the show was a big success.

Along with bikes and art, there was a movie room set up upstairs...

...and an old bar in the basement (but the basement wasn't part of the show):

The main floor had the majority of bikes, art, and there was beer and wine for sale.

Art was hung on the walls and much of it was for sale.

The bikes were very diverse and included many of my local favorites.

I really loved the location and the light through all the big windows made it fun to take photos.

Andy's bike is up next.  Here's a preview and it shows how awesome the lighting was in this place.

Keep coming back as I'll be sharing tons of photos over 8 more posts.

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