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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Bearded Lady Motorcycle Show 2013 - Part 8

This Yamaha XS650 from 2Eight Customs was awesome.

Flying Merkel tribute built with a Yamaha XT500 motor (read all about it here):

Interesting frame and tank:

Donorcycles' Yamaha:

More Yamaha chops:

Scallywags Yamaha and Kawasaki (gotta love the skateboard deck for a seat):

I've seen this Kawasaki many times but it's always fun to look at.

Tired of all these import bikes?  I know what you're wanting to see...

Mopeds!  There was a freakin' moped army at the Bearded Lady!

What?  Well, if it wasn't mopeds, it must be Harleys and good news for you... I'm only about halfway through my Bearded Lady photos and Harleys are all that's left (half of those being Sportsters).

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