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Monday, February 10, 2014

Remodeled the Cheese Shop

An all new Gophers and Cheese storefront is up and running!!!  I have 15 exclusive sticker designs for sale and just sent artwork to the printer for an additional 17 designs that I hope to have added to the site and ready for sale in 2-3 weeks.

Click here to visit the new store:

I dropped the price on most stickers compared to the old store but now charge a small flat fee for shipping regardless of how many stickers are purchased to cover the envelopes and stamps ($1 in the US and $2 for international).

I am also planning to have a small run of t-shirts printed up featuring Shawn Dickinson's "Gophers and Cheese" artwork and will let you know when they are ready.

Over time, I want to see additional artists draw their own unique take on "Gophers and Cheese" and I have a top-secret one lined up in a few months.  With any luck, I'll have stickers and t-shirts of that design in time for summer.

Current Sticker Designs:
  • 3.5" x 1.0"($1.50 each)
    • Can't Leave Well Enough Alone
    • Chop That Fuckin' Sportster
    • EVOs Suck at breaking down, leaking, and not starting on the first try
    • Fenders Are For Pussies
    • Fenders Are For Pussies but I really hope it doesn't rain
    • Garage-Built
    • I Don't Give A Fuck How They Do It In Japan
    • I Think I Voided The Warranty
    • Rattlecan Paint Job
    • Stock Bikes Suck
    • XL1200
    • XL883
  • 3.0" Round
    • Ton Up Or Shut Up ($2.50 each)
    • Gophers and Cheese Original Logo ($1.00 each)
  • 4.00 x 1.25"
    • Gophers and Cheese Original Logo (1.00 each)

Prices current as of 2/10/2014, subject to change

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