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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Frankensteiners Ball 8 - Part 5

Frankensteiners Ball 8 was a great time in spite of the nasty weather.  I'll leave you with two amazing cars.  The first is a Jeep that was born to limbo.  This thing was so ridiculously low to the ground.

Seriously, there is a car-limbo contest.  I didn't watch the whole thing but I didn't see any car that could beat this one, especially when the windshield is flipped down like in the second photo below.

The second epic vehicle was this one.  This car literally had a double-barrel exhaust.  It made a low bassy tone like I've never heard.  If that wasn't cool enough, it shot flames and fireballs out of them.  It was amazing!

I swear the fireball in this last photo looks like the upper-half of a she-devil, but maybe I'm just seeing things.

Here's the same photo with the contrast cranked up.  Do you see it?

Let's hope for better weather next year's Ball.  Don't miss it!

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