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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Frankensteiners Ball 8 - Part 2

While I left my bike at home, a few brave people rode out in the very cold, wet weather to the Frankensteiners Ball 8.

I like this 2010 Sportster 48.  The "Minnesota Jerk" seat matches a sticker I bought at Scooter Trash 3 so I'm guessing the owner designed both.

Here's a mostly raw-metal chopper.

There was even a scooter (a Jawa I think) and a motorized bicycle.

Here is a wider shot of the small handful of bikes that did show up including one sport bike.  For such a small group, it's about as diverse as you can get.  Note the lack of windshields and the lack of baggers.

Finally, there was this cool ironhead Sportster.  It had a homemade devil's tail sissy bar and one of the biggest oil fill spouts I've seen on a bike.

I snapped a quick photo of the owner heading out.

Two posts full of rat rods are up next.

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