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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

2013 Demon's Death Ride - Part 1

The 2013 Demon's Death Ride was this past Saturday night.  It was very cold and below normal for this time of year at about 40°F.  In spite of the cold, about 25 bikes showed up for the start of the run at Bob's Java Hut

I rode my Sportster.

Bikes lined the streets around Bob's.  Most were cafe racers and were a mix of Japanese, British, and Italian makes and models.  It makes sense given the fact the event was sponsored by Ton-Up Minneapolis.  Mine was one of only 2 Harleys that showed up.

The bike at the front of this shot is 1976 Triumph Bonneville, same year as my dad's.

Some people decorated their bikes.  The plastic pumpkin was awesome lit up.

Severed foot in the forks:

Skeleton on a Ducati:

Some people had demon-appropriate helmets.

Most people just wore a mask or some face paint as you really needed heavy leather gear, not a thin costume, for riding in such temperatures.  It would have been interesting to see how people would have dressed if it was a lot warmer.

Next stop... Grumpy's.

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