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Sunday, September 1, 2013

September Events

Lots of stuff coming up this month but I wanted to call out a few highlights.  Be sure to check out my Guide To Local Events page to see blog posts and photos from the event's I've attended.

9/6-9/7 (Fri & Sat): 23rd Annual SCVR Chili Feed.  Camping, chili, music, fire, all-you-can-drink beer, and much more.  I have attended this event twice and look forward to attending it again but I can't go this year.  I highly recommend it so go have fun without me.

9/10 (Tue): 3rd Annual Konawerks Bike Show at Grumpy's.  I missed the first two years but am looking forward to checking it out for the first time this year.

9/14: (Sat): Rad's Extra Sharp Motorcycle Show.  I like this little show held at a cheese shop in Wisconsin.  Maybe it's because I've won an award the last 2 years.  Maybe it's because my blog has "cheese" in the title.  With the sorry shape of my Sporty's rear fender right now, I don't see a three-peat in my future but you never know.  Maybe Tom will be nice to me or maybe no other Sportsters will show up.

9/21 (Sat): 48th Annual Fall Flood Run. Should need no explanation.  Go.

9/29 (Sun): Distinguished Gentleman's Ride.  I am so tempted by this event - ride around the Twin Cities in a suit and tie.  Based on photos and videos I saw from past years, I'm not seeing any American bikes - mostly vintage Japanese and European bikes.  Maybe I'll crash the party and maybe I won't.  Either way it should be quite the spectacle, both for those riding and confused onlookers.

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