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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Nine Hours and New Roads - Part 1

I took yesterday off and spent about 9 hours on my Road King covering nearly 350 miles and hitting some roads I've never ridden before.  Before leaving, I decided to use to find some new places to ride and I printed off some maps.  I got on the road about 8:30am and the morning commute traffic was still heavy so I jumped off the interstate and stopped at Bob's Java Hut for a light breakfast.  The blueberry muffin and gigantic glass of cappuccino were excellent.

My route would take me down US-52 to my first destination road, MN-60E, which I would ride all the way to Wisconsin.  Once in Wisconsin, I would continue down WI-35S to my second destination road, WI-95N to Arcadia, WI.  Then I would turn around and head north up WI-35, ride County Road O and OO before rejoining WI-35 just south of Diamond Bluff.  Then I hit my favorite curves between there and Prescott before heading home and hitting a bunch of traffic due to rush hour and road construction.  I returned home around 5:30pm.  Here's a map of the route I took:

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On with the photos!  Here are some shots from a little spot I found along MN-60.  MN-60 starts off a little slow with subtle hills and nice landscapes.  The road continues to get better and better as you pass Zumbro Falls.  Hills, curves, and beautiful farm-filled landscapes are what you can expect.  I definitely recommend it.

Just before you reach Wabasha, you get treated so some great curves and this panoramic view.

More pics to come!

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