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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Flood Run - Fall 2013 - Part 2

After warming up with that cappuccino I mentioned, I headed south toward Winona, which is typically the southern-most point on the Flood Run.  However, I decided to press on and continue down to La Crosse, which I had never been to before.

I have been reading about lots of good riding down near La Crosse and wanted to at least try one road.  I chose State Hwy 33 E and rode it to Cashton, WI, the far point of my trip.

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It's a fun curvy road and it does continue quite a ways past Cashton so maybe I'll be back.  Here are some wind turbines outside Cashton.

I turned around and made my way back to La Crosse but stopped a few times to snap photos along State Hwy 33.  This cornfield was protected from zombie attacks by the Zombie Squad.  It has to be one of the best "Adopt-A-Highway" signs I've seen.

Some of the farms and landscapes along the road were stunning.

More photos to come and the sun finally comes out!

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