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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Cornfields and Religion

I have an old Canon Elph that I sometimes take riding photos with.  It's the sort of thing that if I accidentally dropped it, I wouldn't be too disappointed.  It's outdated and it's had a good run. Anyway, Saturday was beautiful and I took a ride through Minnesota and Wisconsin down to County Road O and back.

Country roads and cornfields:

Nauti Hawg:

County Road O:


Here's proof that riding motorcycles can be sort of a religious experience:

Enter the tunnel...

...what's going on?...

... follow the light...

...and a church is on the other side.

Of course, if you were headed south instead of north, you'd start at the church, ride through the tunnel and probably end up at The Joint so I'm not sure it really means anything... or does it???

Hope you had a chance to enjoy the weekend too!

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