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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

2013 Rad's Extra Sharp Motorcycle Show - Part 7

For the third year in a row, I entered my Sportster in Rad's Extra Sharp Morotcycle Show and for the third year in a row, I took home a trophy.  This year, I took 2nd place in the Mild H-D class.  I'm not actually sure which bike beat mine.  I was just excited to take 2nd.

Here's my bike:

Last year, I took 1st place in the Sportster class and in 2011 I took 1st place in Mild H-D.  The aluminum trophies in 2011 were really nice.  Tom says they should be back for next year but the frisbees are cool too.  I still love the fact that the only trophies the bike from Gophers and Cheese has won are all cheese-themed.

There were a few other Sportsters there.  This green custom was practically a rolling Kuryakyn billboard but the pieces looked nice together so what can you say?  I was VERY close to buying those same Python 2-into-1 pipes at one time.  The owner clearly takes pride in a clean and shiny bike.  Neither one of my bikes has had a proper wash all year.

This Sporty was for sale.

I liked this 883:

Finally, Brett showed up on his Sportster, "The Gypsy", just before awards but it was too late for him to enter.  I really like his bike and I've taken pictures of it at quite a few shows around the Twin Cities.

That it from this year's show.  Be sure to come out and support the 5th annual next year!

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