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Sunday, August 25, 2013

First Thursday - August 2013 - Part 4

Japanese bikes can be wildly diverse and you could see it as you walked around First Thursday at Dulono's Pizza.

For starters, I really liked this set of bobbers.  I got better shots of the green one at the Bearded Lady and I'll post those photos... eventually.

On the opposite end of the spectrum of those bikes are themed sportbikes including this Iron Maiden bike and this Michael Jordan bike.  While I like Iron Maiden and Michael Jordan, you could question a number of things about these bikes but I question the inclusion of the Hanes logo on the Jordan bike.  I can understand paying tribute to the man's basketball skills, but not his underwear-selling skills.

There was also a blinged out silver and gold Suzuki.

Older sportbikes look strange to me.  This one looked particularly strange without a windshield.  I'm not sure if it broken off or was deliberately removed but it was noticeably absent.  To be honest, I have no idea whether this one is actually Japanese.  I'm sure someone will correct me.

I'm not really into modern sportbikes but I like the hardtailed bobbers above and I also like when old Japanese bikes get the cafe racer treatment.  This old Suzuki was cool and the clear fuse box was interesting even though it does seem to be missing a few screws.

I thought both of these old Hondas looked great.

Some of my local favorites are up next...

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