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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

2014 Indian Motorcycle Events

Interested in learning more about the new 2014 Indian Motorcycle lineup or the Thunder Stroke 111 engine?  Indian Motorcycle of the Twin Cities has events through the weekend (it's right next to St. Paul H-D).

I am strongly considering attending the ride and factory tour on Friday.  To be honest, I'm not 100% sure why as the 2014 lineup doesn't interest me and I won't be in the market for another bike any time soon. However, I like a lot of old Indian motorcycles (the ones without big fenders and fringe) and the idea that success could potentially lead to a new version of the Scout or similar model is cool.  I also toured the Harley plant when I visited Milwaukee a few years ago and I enjoy watching shows like How It's Made.  Wow... this post is making me sound decades older than I am...  Anyway, I think it will just be a good excuse to take a nice long 400 mile daytrip.

Regardless of whether you like or hate the new Indian motorcycles, someone out there needs to cram that 111 motor into a Sportster frame with a Sportster tank and call it a Scoutster as I'm pretty sure we can all agree that would be awesome.

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