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Monday, July 8, 2013

Ride To Kayak

I took Friday off and decided to do something I've never done before - kayak.  I've ridden through Taylors Falls many times and see all the signs for canoe rental places.  I decided to do it and made a reservation at Riverwood Canoe.  They made it so easy.  You pick up a shuttle in Osceola, WI, they drive you up to Interstate State Park, hook you up with a canoe or kayak, oars, & life jacket, give you a quick safety lesson, and off you go down the river back towards your car (or, in this case, motorcycle).  It's a 7 mile trip and should take 2-3 hours.

I needed to carry some gear so I took the Road King.  I stopped at Key's Cafe in Forest Lake for breakfast and then arrived in Osceola just after 10am.

It was a little challenging dressing and preparing for a day of motorcycling and kayaking.  The best solution I could come up with was to wear shorts under my Aerostich pants and I changed from boots into water shoes in the parking lot.  I also had a bag with water, Gatorade, sunscreen, bug spray, and some ziplocs to keep my wallet, phone, & camera dry.  I stuffed my boots and riding pants into the saddlebags and hopped on the shuttle.

The scenery was beautiful.

The only downside was a strong headwind.  It was so bad that if I didn't paddle, the kayak practically stopped.  It was quite a workout and took me nearly 3 hours to complete the trip with two brief stops.

It turns out that my Biltwell riding gloves worked pretty well for kayaking.

After my trip, I had lunch at the Drive-In up in Taylors Falls, MN.  Then I went for a ride.  I crossed back into Wisconsin to ride WI-65.  I had read good things and wanted to check it out.  The road was fun with a lot of roller coaster style hills.  By the time I got home, I had ridden nearly a 200 mile loop.

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It was a solid day of riding and kayaking and I was exhausted by the end of it.

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