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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Full Tilt Boogie 2013 - Part 7

There were lots of awesome bikes at Full Tilt Boogie but this knucklehead was one of the best.

Speaking of knuckleheads... when the Donorcycles crew rolled in, there was this crazy knucklehead that ended up winning "Best Party Bike".

Also in that group of bikes was this flathead.  I didn't get the whole story but was told it's a really rare bike.

Caution: Sportsters Ahead...


JB said...

That's my brother pats 39 wldd. If I remember the number right there were less than 200 of them ever made. I would be willing to bet there are less then 20 left in the world. He rides the shit out of it. His old man traded it for a small block motor back in the day. Been in the family for a really long time. ...bring on the sportsters!

Gophers and Cheese said...

That's awesome - thanks for the additional info! You shouldn't be surprised to learn that there will be quite a few photos of your bike in the ironhead group of Sportster pics.

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