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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Full Tilt Boogie 2013 - Part 5

Panheads from Full Tilt Boogie 2013...  I almost didn't recognize this bike with the new/old tank on it and the new bars.  For me, the headlight gives it away.

Seriously, look how different it looks since Full Tilt 2012 with different bars and a different tank.

Back to what I saw this year... this one was absolutley beautiful.  I love the king and queen seat.

Rusty goodness.

Long bike.

I first saw this bike at the Chopper Art Show earlier in the year.

I don't remember the actual title but I think the bike took "best in show".  The prize was this athletic piece of taxidermy and I can only image what people thought when they saw it coming down the road, bungeed to the handlebars.

So many more bikes to come...

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