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Friday, July 26, 2013

Full Tilt Boogie 2013 - Part 3

Full Tilt 2013 had a lot more than Harleys (and I'll be getting to those in a little while) including a nice array of British bikes.

By far, my favorite was this beautiful blue 1973 Norton.  The frame matches the tank and the tank matches the water bottle.  Impressive.  It won an award too ("Best British" I think). I didn't look, but I hope that rear fender has some serious reinforcements hidden under it.

This BSA military bike was interesting.  The kickstand stood out to me - very functional.

If you prefer Triumphs, you would not have been disappointed.

I've been seeing this one at shows for a few years now.

Please correct me if this springer isn't a Triumph.

This white frame is cool but must be impossible to keep clean.  That reminds me... I haven't washed my bikes all year.

This is another Triumph I have seen around town a few times.

So may more Full Tilt pics to post... come back tomorrow for more.

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