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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Home of Absolutely Zero Born-Free Coverage

That's right... while the chopper-loving blogopshere and interwebs are blowing up with all sorts of Blog Postin', Facebookin', Tweetin', and Instagrammin' excitement surrounding Born-Free 5 this weekend, you'll get none of that here and you can rest assured that Gophers and Cheese will remain Born-Free-free for the remainder of the summer.  Why?

Am I too cool?  Did I have a bad Born-Free experience?  Is Born-Free past its peak?  Has it gotten too big and lost it's soul?  Have the organizers sold out?  Am I just the first to notice?

Hell no.  I'd LOVE to attend, but it's two-fuckin-thousand miles away.  That's why - plain and simple.  Maybe one day...
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