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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Dodging Deer at Sunset

Last Thursday, I actually didn't stay at Mad Jack's very long.  The weather was so nice that I wanted to get a brief ride in as the sun was setting.  There are some good roads nearby if you know where to look.

Of course, having a deer cross the road in front of you is never a good sign but it was pretty far ahead and I slowed down to ensure it was alone.  You can see it in the background.

Look closely:

I got some good shots near the water.


Iron Vaquero said...

Sweet! The third picture from the bottom is really nice with the storm clouds seemingly spewing forth from the green tree! The sunlight and storm contrast is thought provoking especially since your bike looks like it is going to run off into the storm!

Gophers and Cheese said...

Thanks! Had I gotten there 5 minutes earlier, the sun rays were shining through the clouds in dramatic fashion. I like the pictures I got, but you should have seen the ones I missed.

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