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Friday, May 24, 2013

Rockers Spring Social - Part 2

I left the Chopper Art Show and headed over to Bob's Java Hut for an iced coffee.

When I returned to Ton-Up Minneapolis' Rockers Spring Social at Club J├Ąger, it was much busier.

It wasn't all European and Japanese bikes as you can tell by the Sporty above this classic Indian.

There was even a rusty old rat rod parked outside.

I grabbed a snack at the taco truck.  The Rusty Tacos (pork & pineapple) were tasty.

Super-clean Honda:


I thought this was a neat trick.  I think the tank effect on this Triumph was achieved with gold, silver, and copper leaf rubbed over coins.  I wonder whether the owner is a numismatist.

Speaking of Triumphs, this one has the emblem painted black and gold, just like my father's bike.

Lots o' Triumphs:

I have two more photo-filled posts to go from the show including some of my favorites.  Check back this weekend.

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