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Friday, May 17, 2013

Grumpy's Bike Night - May 2013

I decided to try something new this month and check out Grumpy's Bike Night, which is every 2nd Tuesday.  There's more info on their Facebook page here.  If you remember, Tuesday was the day when it broke 90 degrees and I think some places were near 100.  It was hot.

I got to Grumpy's around 6:00pm and there were 5 bikes there, counting my own.  The patio was nice and I sat out there a while enjoying the beautiful weather in the shade.  I hung out for a little over an hour.  There were 10 bikes when I left, counting my own.

It was a good mix of bikes but a much smaller turnout than I was expecting.  Hopefully word gets out and the event grows.

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