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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Chopper Art Show 2 - Part 3

I wanted to give the Rockers Spring Social some time to really get going so I headed back over to the 2013 Chopper Art Show.  The weather was clearing up so more people were finally out riding.  Like most bike shows, the parking lot is often as good as the bikes on display.

If you couldn't tell by the sheer number of photos I took of it, I really liked this blue Yamaha swingarm chop.  The Schwinn grips, Eazy-E taillight, and cocktail shaker exhaust are all pure class.

Bigass yellow headlight.

AMF-Pride!  Embrace the bowling ball and pool table years.

A couple of nice mods to this Nightster.

Catching great bikes in a parking lot is all about timing.  One second I'm parked next to this panhead I've photographed many times before...

... and the next second, the owner is kicking it back to life and riding away.

Come on back for more pics!

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