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Sunday, April 7, 2013

First Thursday - April 2013 - Part 2

The April 2013 First Thursday at Dulono's Pizza in Minneapolis had a really good turnout for being so early in the season.  Keep in mind this event gets HUGE in the summer with at least 10 times as many bikes.

I thought this chopped fender-less Softtail was pretty interesting.  It's a mix of old and new.  I like the chrome tank a lot.  I don't quite understand the kicker.  The frame is a functioning softtail with hidden monoshock that gives the initial appearance of a hardtail.  It's a slick setup and I'm guessing it rides pretty nice.

A more traditional Shovelhead was parked right next to it.

Harleys aren't the only bikes that get chopped.  Here's a chopped Honda sportbike.

I'm not sure if this sportbike is "chopped" as much as it's "crashed".  I have no idea whether this look is deliberate.  What's that in the background?  Yep, it's snow.

Finally, here's a Honda sporting quite a few stickers and a very dirty Mr. Happy puppet from Aerostich.

If you want to see more photos from this month's First Thursday, you can find some over on Everyday Riding.  Hell, you can even see photos from February's First Thursday over there (he rides year-round).

Let's hope the weather shapes up soon.  The Flood Run and lots more events are right around the corner.

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