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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Donnie Smith Bike Show 2013 - Part 8

You may be wondering, "were there any Sportsters at the 2013 Donnie Smith Bike Show?"  Hell yes there were and here's a whole post full of them.

I saw this bike, "The Gypsy", at least 3 different times in 2012 and took photos every time.  For example, click here.  I love this bike.  To me, it's just a great example of an evo Sportster chop done right.

The Human Fly's ROCKET-POWERED Sportster was at the show too.  If you remember, I took a ton of photos of it earlier this year at the "That's A Fine MotorBike" show.  Click here for the post and pics:
That's A Fine MotorBike - Part-4

If you think your Nightster could use an extra wheel, check out this Nightster trike conversion.

Here's a cool Sporty with springer front-end:

Wonderfully minimalist (from Two Eight Customs):

Look ma, no cables...  This bike is named "Number 2" but I'm guessing it's not because the color is poop-brown.  It would be funny if that was the reason.  Actually, if you look close, the brown isn't paint at all.  According to the saw, it's rust.

To wrap up this post, here is a pair of very different style ironheads.

Come back tomorrow.  I'll share my favorite bike from the show.

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