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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Donnie Smith Bike Show 2013 - Part 7

If you couldn't figure it out already, I tend to gravitate towards choppers based around older Harley motors.  I love to look at them and take photos of them.  I'd love to own one at some point but I'm quite sure I couldn't maintain it.  Then again, I've never tried.

Here's a shovelhead sporting a Crazy Frank fender and some wild paint.  Invader wheels are cool.


I'm a little jealous of the kids at Kennedy High School who get to work on these sorts of bikes at school.  To be honest, I actually liked woodshop a lot more than metalshop but we weren't building motorcycles in metalshop.

Two more posts from the 2013 Donnie Smith Show are left.  The next one will finally answer the question, "where the hell are all the Sportsters?"

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