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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

To The Victor Go The Spoils

After returning from my trip to Arizona, I was greeted with my grand prize for winning the Lady Hump 2013 Blogosphere Challenge.  I was simply blown away by the bonus custom artwork.

Both the front and back of the padded manila envelope contained features that were pleasant surprises for me (and likely many US Postal Service employees too).  The first was the hand-drawn gopher-unicorn hybrid creature, the "gopheicorn", seeming like it was ready to pounce right off the envelope from behind that giant piece of cheese.

The second was more subtle,  I blurred the full return address, but in addition to writing a blog, Lady Hump is apparently an edible marshmallow undergarment company.  Who knew?

Inside the envelope was my very own copy of Unicorn Amator.  While I have not had a chance to look at all the photos in detail, I have flipped through the whole thing and I can say it does one thing really well... it makes me want to move to Southern California.

As if the book wasn't enough, the ziploc bag also contained a handful of stickers.  I love free stickers.

Thanks Lady Hump!!!!  Seriously, that return address label is hilarious.

1 comment:

BoBo Jufat said...

Cheers to you Sir!!! The return lable does get a lot of second looks when I'm sending out pkgs. Ha ha ha!!!

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