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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Donnie Smith Bike Show 2013 - Part 1

The 26th Annual Donnie Smith Bike Show and Parts Extravaganza was held at the St. Paul RiverCentre March 23-24, 2013.

I went Saturday morning and it was my sixth consecutive year attending the show.  I was glad I got there early as I was able to run around and take a bunch of photos before it got too packed (which didn't take long).

Parking and traffic got crazy due to all the events going on that day around the Xcel.  For example, there was a big Mary Kay cosmetics convention going on at the same time but it was pretty easy to tell who was going to which show.

If you don't know, Donnie Smith is a custom bike builder who has a shop in Blaine and it's not unusual to see him at local events around the Twin Cities.  I think this is one of his bikes:

You can see him talking to some guys in the background:

There were a bunch of cool motorcycles at the show but I'm just going to get the most over-the-top bikes out of the way first including a whole bunch of baggers.  These aren't really my style but a lot of people love them.

First up is a dual-engine drag bike.  I guess you can call it a bike.  This thing is ridiculous, but it looks awfully fast!

There were a ton of highly customized baggers at the show.  In addition to my Sportster, I own a Road King and I recently rented a Road Glide down in Arizona so I certainly like baggers but I would never do what you're about to see to my own bike.  For example, here is a Road Glide with a money paintjob.

This bike kind of looks like a bird from the front, a big orange angry bird.

In spite of the heavy metalflake green paint, this Road Glide was understated compared to most at the show.

There's a lot going on with this bike.  It's definitely interesting.  I still don't really understand the giant front tire trend.

This Road King's name was "Bacon".  Who doesn't like bacon?

This black-and-white bike was kinda cool.  I could never keep the matte white paint clean though.

Of the 200 or so I took, I've picked about 100 photos that I'll be sharing over a series of posts so keep checking back each day for more!

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