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Monday, March 25, 2013

Arizona Moto-Camping Adventure - Day 5 - Part 2

From Apache Junction, I headed up to Tortilla Flat, AZ located in Tonto National Forest.  The road was extremely scenic and curvy with low speed limits, switchback curves, and one-lane bridges.  However, the pavement was like a washboard and I felt every bump.  It didn't matter - this ride was really the icing on the cake, a really nice end to a 5-day adventure.

When you get to Tortilla Flat, there's a restaurant, and bar, and a couple of shops.  I had some prickly pear cactus gelato - phenomenal on a warm day.  I realize pink ice cream is not very badass but it was tasty and I wish I had ordered 2 scoops.

The road continues onto Roosevelt, AZ but it switches from paved to gravel and I heard it was not very motorcycle-friendly.  I wasn't planning to ride it but as it turns out, the road out of Tortilla Flat was washed out.  Cars and trucks could pass and I even saw I guy on an Can-Am ride through it (I wish I took a photo) but no 2-wheeled motorcycles were brave enough while I was there.

Amazingly, I spotted what I believe was a 2014 Corvette Stingray in the wild!  I'm pretty sure they're not even on sale yet.  The driver wisely decided not to attempt crossing the water either.

To get around here, you need a real off-road vehicle like this tricked out jeep.

I rode back towards Apache Junction, stopping to take a ton of photos along the way.

This bug (mole cricket?) would be terrible to hit at speed.  It's as big as a finger!  I wouldn't want take that to the face at 75 mph.

Since that last photo was totally gross, here are a few desert flower shots to offset it.

The ride to and from Tortilla Flat was a great way to end to a great trip.

Then I headed into Phoenix and found my last hotel, unpacked, got some dinner.  I had the Flamingo Chicken at Flamingo Palace.  I thought the fortune was appropriate for the trip.

I returned to the hotel, re-packed all my bags, and went to sleep.  I had to be up early the next morning to return the bike and catch my flight

Map of Day 5's ride (228 miles, 4h 51m of riding)

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62 Ironhead said...

Great trip Brian, man I am envious, thanks for sharing.

Gophers and Cheese said...

Glad you enjoyed it!

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