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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Arizona Moto-Camping Adventure - Day 4 - Part 2

After my trip down to Nogales, AZ and back, I stopped at another Carl's Jr. for lunch.  The grilled chicken club I ate was probably 5% healthier than the western burger I had last time.  It was still raining when I entered Saguaro National Park East.  Saguaro is pronounced "swah-roh" and it is the name of the giant cacti with the arms.

Saguaro cacti are really interesting.  I learned that they grow very slowly.  It takes 15 years for them to get just 12 inches tall.  At 50 years old, they can be 7 feet tall.  They don't even start sprouting arms until they are 75 years old!  By 150 years, they can reach 50 feet tall and weigh over 8 tons!!!

It wasn't long after entering the park that the clouds began to break up and give way to some sunshine.

Saguaro National Park East is actually quite large but only a small portion of it is accessbile by car or motorcycle.  Cactus Forest Drive is an 8-mile one-way loop and it's beautiful with lots of places to stop, walk around, and take photos.  To see the rest of the park you need to hike or ride a horse.

As I was leaving the park, it clouded up and started raining again.  Seriously... I was expecting a slight chance of rain one day over the entire trip and now I've had 3 wet and cold days in a row.  WTF Arizona?  I left Saguaro National Park East and headed across town to see the other half of the park.

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