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Sunday, February 24, 2013

2013 Rochester Bike Show - Part 1

The 8th Annual 2013 Rochester Bike Show and Swap Meet was yesterday, February 23rd, at the Mayo Civic Center in Rochester, MN.  It was nearly a 2 hour drive south from Minneapolis.  I took a ton of photos (just over 250), and picked out the best of the best for a series of posts so let's get started...

First of all, I don't know what the hell was going on in Rochester yesterday, but the parking lots and ramps around the Civic Center were full and I had to park a few blocks away.  It was a cold walk over to the building.

Inside, there was a small setup by show sponsor Rochester Harley-Davidson and then you walk into the main area.  Bike show in front and swap meet in the back.

According to Donorcycles (check out his blog for more pics), the turnout was hurt by Friday's snowstorm but there were still a lot of great bikes on display and the show had a good turnout.

Among the very diverse group of people attending the show were families, riding clubs, 1-percenters, and nestled in the swap area... the most badass group of all... Troop #4659  They were selling their cookies for $4 a box or the smokin' hot deal of 5 for $20.  While many hardcore bikers wore their colors to the show, few were this, uh... colorful.

My guess is that their favoite bike was this bagger.  They didn't love it for its ridiculous megaphone-style exhaust, chrome, or fancy paint job.  No, they loved it because you can watch Finding Nemo while you ride.

I have tons of photos to post so stop back all week long.  Some of my favorite bikes at the show are in the photo below.  Don't worry, lots of detailed pics will be posted.

Come on back!!!

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JB said...

appreciate you coming down for the show and swap, a lot of effort into the show but cant control the weather. thanks for the support

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