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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

That's A Fine MotorBike - Part 1

I recently saw a flyer at Bob's Java Hut for something called "That's A Fine MotorBike!", a 6-week-long motorcycle show held in a library in River Falls, WI.  Sounded interesting.  I headed over there this past Sunday and was very glad I did.

That's A Fine MotorBike is being held on the lower level of the River Falls Public Library from December 16th to January 27th so there's still plenty of time to see it.  Best of all, it's free!  The flyer says, "An exhibit of fine, vintage, rare & custom motorcycles; art, memorabilia, gear & toys."

It was a beautiful clear day in the upper 20s and the roads were dry and clear while a blanket of snow still covered most grass and fields so the scenery was great.  In fact, afterwards, I headed down to the Nauti Hawg before driving home so I could enjoy some of my favorite motorcycle roads despite the fact I was in my car.

For a long-running show being held at a library, I didn't expect many (if any) bikes to actually be there but I was pleasantly surprised to find over 20 as well as hundreds of vintage toys and assorted memorabilia.  The layout was beautiful and the fact the room was carpeted made it seem a lot more like a museum than a typical bike show.

Lots more photos to come over the next few posts including an entire post dedicated to my favorite bike at the show, a 1977 Rocket Powered Sportster!!!

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