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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Show Class Issue 9 Bikes

Show Class is a fantastic magazine and I was really excited when I learned Issue 9 (aka Vol 2 Issue 3) was going to be focused on St. Paul.  I'm bummed that I missed the issue release party back in November but the issue itself is awesome and showcases many of the great bikes you'll find right here in the Twin Cities.

Since I've taken my own photos of so many of the bikes featured in the magazine, I thought it would be fun to write up a "companion guide" of sorts in case you want to check out additional photos of the bikes in the issue.  If you don't have Issue 9, it's still available in the Show Class store (at least as of today) so go buy it!

Here are my blog posts containing additional photos of the bikes found in Show Class Issue 9:

Pages 7-9: Purple Passion

Pages 13-15: Clean Machine

Pages 19-22: Weed Wacker

Pages 26-27: David Mann Chopper Art Show

Pages 30-33: Dreamsickle

Pages 40-44: Swamp Witch Part Deux
(I don't actually have any pics of Part Deux but I have tons of pics of the original Swamp Witch)

Page 51: Kevin Baas' Knuckle
This is the bike in the top left of the Union Speed & Style ad with the tall, thin queen seat.
Pages 60-62: New Kevin's ConeZone
Page 64: Witchden (the band)
Pages 66-69: Hotpan
Pages 73-75: Ragin' Trump

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