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Saturday, January 19, 2013

2013 Progressive International Motorcycle Show - Part 6

The 2013 Progressive International Motorcycle Show featured a lot of bikes and a lot of displays.  Occasionally, people working at those displays overshadowed the bikes.

Let me prove my point with a game...  The Ducati Diavel is a bike that I am very interested in test riding (and possibly even owning) one day.  Which of these two photos has a Ducati Diavel in it?

You may be shocked to learn that the answer is both of them.  Seriously!  Look again.  Not only that, but if you look very closely, there are Ducati motorcycles in all the photos I took at the Ducati display below.

The MotoGP experience was complete with umbrella girl.

The Zero Gravity girls were at the booth and roaming around the show floor too.

This post was way better than that one with the old rusty bikes, right?  Anyway, it was another great year at the show.  The Rochester and Donnie Smith shows are next up on the calendar, hopefully followed by Spring.


62 Ironhead said...

Hi Brian,

Thanks for sharing and good to see such a range of bikes, cheers.



Anonymous said...

Aaaah yes. Dumb young sluts wandering around in their underwear in public. Zero Gravity? The windscreen company? What do half naked underage girls have to do with my windshield?

Tyron Somaiah said...

lol anon. You're as uneducated as a stump.

Zac said...

The windscreen company? Uhhhh did you see anyone selling windscreens there dummy?

Gophers and Cheese said...

So clearly the person who left the anonymous post was out of line insulting the girls. That said, there is a company called Zero Gravity that does make windshields ( It may explain the apparent confusion but it doesn't excuse the comments.

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