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Saturday, June 2, 2012

More Paint Progress

Here are some photos of the progress I made last weekend...

To prep the tank, I used pinstriping tape to very carefully follow the red circle around the filler hole.  Then I used blue painters tape to surround the pinstriping tape.

I stuffed the hole with a ball of masking tape and a circle cut out of paper.  You can also see the pinstriping tape I used in the hole to keep the black paint from going too far into the tank.  That way I can clear over it and (hopefully) create a protective layer so gas can't get under the clear again.

I protected the rest of the tank by taping sheets of printer paper to it.

I sprayed a few coats of gloss black and metalcast red.

Then I removed all the masking tape.  The little scratches are from when I scuffed up the clearcoat to prep for paint.  I will be adding more clearcoat so they'll disappear.

For the fender, I used blue painters tape to cover the lace paintjob between the pinstripes.

I suspended the fender by wire so I could take care of the top and bottom at the same time.  Then I sprayed gloss black and metalcast red all over it.   This is after the masking tape was removed.

Here's a better shot after I took it down off the wires.

I am in the process of clearing the tank and fender right now.  Pics soon.

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