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Sunday, June 24, 2012

AMCA Vintage Motorcycle Show 2012 - Part 3

Yet more photos from the 2012 Vintage Motorcycle Show and VJMC Show at the State Fairgrounds...

Something I thought was really cool was this lineup of Yamaha XSs.  The green one is a 1970 XS1 and they were arranged in model year order all the way up to a 1982 XS650 Heritage Special.  I think 1980 was the only year missing.

While all those Japanese bikes looked really stock, these certainly don't.  Up first is a 1975 Rickman CR750 with a Honda motor.

Outside, was this 1976 Honda 750 Chopper with 30 year old paint. I had seen it before but it's always great to see it again.

While not part of the show, this Kawasaki stood out because of the homemade dog trailer.  It's nice that the owner fitted a pair of shocks and a windscreen to it.

Just as I was leaving (don't worry, I have lots more pictures to post), this guy pulled up on this amazing slammed digger.  I was already packed up and ready to leave so I didn't go back for better photos of it.  Kinda wish I did.

Come back for more.  I still have a bunch of pics left to post...

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