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Monday, May 28, 2012

Tank Touch-up Prep

I'm quite proud of my rattlecan paint job on my tank.  However, it was my first time painting a tank and I made some mistakes along the way.  One of those mistakes that is starting to cause problems was using the cheap spray paint too far down into the filler hole.  The Spraymax 2K Clear Coat couldn't protect it and gas has worked its way into the black paint and softened it around the filler hole.  Since I'm in the process of painting my new fender, it's the perfect time to take action before it gets any worse.

I removed the tank and drained it.

Then I plugged the filler hole with a ball of masking tape, sticky side out.  This along with regular bursts of compressed air helped keep dust and paint chips from getting into the tank.

I used my rotary tool to remove all the bad paint.  The plan is to paint black only for the small area visible when the filler cap is in place and then protect it with clear coat, ensuring the clear coat bonds with the raw metal so the gas (hopefully) can't get under it.

Here's the Sportster looking very stripped down.

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