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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Rear Fender Lace Painting Progress

As you may remember, the rear fender was recently covered in Dupli-Color Metal Specks Red.  I am following the exact same process that I did when I painted the lace pattern on the tank and previous fender.

I wet sanded it with 800 grit sandpaper and put a line of blue painters tape down the middle as a guide for my pinstripes.

I laid down the pinstriping tape just outside the blue painters tape.The straight lines on the fender are so much easier to deal with than the tank.

Then I removed the painters tape.

I used some printer paper to mask off the sides to only leave the area between the pinstripes exposed.

I had kept spare lace from when I originally painted the tank so the pattern will match exactly.  I used spray adhesive to keep it in place, careful to line up the row of flowers to match the lace racing stripe on the tank.

Then I sprayed Dupli-Color Glass Black over the lace and pulled the lace off.

Then I used the same trick as before, putting a drinking straw over the spray can nozzle to get spray paint into my airbrush cup.

I fogged in the edges along the pinstripes with my airbrush.

Then I removed all the masking except the pinstripe tape.  That needs to stay on a while longer.

The next steps are to mask off the lace and spray the whole fender in gloss black.  Then the mask and pinstripe tape can come off and the whole thing will get covered in Dupli-Color Metalcast Red, a transparent red.  After a week of drying time, it'll get clear coated (Spraymax 2K) and buffed.  While I'm doing all that to the fender, the plan is to also touch up the gas tank around the filler hole.

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