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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Fender Brace Progress

Once the bends were done, I cut the ends of the fender brace I made.  After the first set of cuts, it sat 1" above the tire so I cut it again.  Now it sits about 5/8" above the tire.  It clears the tire, rotor, and pulley.  I will eventually be mounting my license plate off the left side of the brace and will tuck it in nice and close to the rotor.

It will mount the brace to the shock bolts but I haven't drilled the holes yet. That's why the brace is sitting back about an inch from where it will be.

I am leaning towards using these bungs but not welding them to the fender.  Once I get the fender where I want it, I will drill through the fender and brace and put bolts through the bungs and secure them from underneath the fender, probably with lock nuts or acorn nuts.

The next step is to drill 1/2" holes in the brace so the lower shock bolts can pass through.

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