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Thursday, April 12, 2012

First Welds

I picked up a cheap welder at Harbor Freight last year but never took it out of the box to try it.  It's a flux core wire welder and it plugs into a standard wall outlet.  Well, I finally opened it up so I could try it out on some scrap steel I had lying around.  Up to this point, I have had absolutely zero welding experience and no training.

After messing around a little, I tired welding two pieces of 1/8" thick steel together.  I clamped the pieces first.

Welds on the one side. Don't worry, I did wear proper protective gear.  I knew that much.

Flipped it over.

Welds on that side, along with more messing around. I successfully joined two pieces of steel!  It's really ugly, but what do you expect?

I have an instructional DVD from Lowbrow Customs that I plan to watch to actually figure out what I'm supposed to be doing.  It'll be cool if I can figure it out.  Obviously I won't be welding any critical parts like a motorcycle frame with this tiny welder but it should be fine for some small jobs.

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