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Monday, April 2, 2012

Donnie Smith Bike Show 2012 - Part 6

While the bike in my April Fools post yesterday was clearly not my style, I'm sure lots of people including the owner love it.  However, these three bikes from the 25th Annual Donnie Smith Bike Show were my actual favorites and I loved all them.

First up is a shovelhead named the Ebony Queen featured on Speed Club.   I've watched it come together on his blog but it looked fantastic in person.  The afro pick holder on the back of the seat is just one of the many great details.

Next up is another Shovelhead called "El Shovelle".  The motocross-inspired touches make the bike stand out along with the gloss black on the motor.

My favorite bike of the day was this 1958 Panhead.  There are so many awesome homemade parts on it including the pegs, jockey shift, and sissy bar.  Check out the super-narrow handlebars.  I love the way the exhaust was routed.  The black, white, and chrome look so good together too.

The Donnie Smith show is not to be missed so check it out next year.

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