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Monday, March 5, 2012

Rochester Cycle Show and Swap 2012 - Part 5

Here's my last set of pics from the 2012 Rochester Cycle Show and Swap...

I was really impressed by the quantity and quality of Sportsters at the show.  This is only a sampling of them.

I like the raked out front-end:

I'm generally not a fan of the pro-street style but I don't recall seeing many Sportster engines used in this style bike.

This 2007 Sporty is showcasing a lot of mods including clip-on bars and Biltwell 10" struts.  This bike reminds me that I need to do something with the rear end of my Sportster as my fender sits too far above the rear tire.

Lots of interesting mods on this one too.  The tan/brown color of the seat and exhaust pops.

My favorite Sportster at the show (and second favorite bike overall) was this awesome 1959 XLCH.  Raked out springer, invader wheel, king & queen seat, metalflake paint, pike nuts, and so much more.  So cool.

When the show comes to Rochester next year, I highly recommend checking it out!

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JB said...

Hey man thanks again for coming to the show and all the great pics. That is my 59 xlch you posted on. I will take second to Amy's knuckle Amy day of the week! The 59 was my dads bike In the 70s. I just found it in a barn about 4the months ago and rebuilt all. Glad you like it.

Gophers and Cheese said...

I thought your '59 was fantastic. It's even better now that I know a little bit of the story behind it. Beautiful job with the rebuild. That paint must look incredible in the sun.

Just found your blog... now I'm going to read up on the restoration.

Radical Twin said...

great pics !!!
EE, from RFT
Bikes, Babes, Tattoos and Rock'n'Roll ... Enjoy !

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