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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Rochester Cycle Show and Swap 2012 - Part 4

Yes, even more photos from the 2012 Rochester Motorcycle Show...

I really love the bikes that Kevin Baas of Baas Metalcraft builds (here's a link to his blog).  Here's his 1947 knucklehead named "Elvis".  So many amazing details!  I'll be honest - I don't like the giant wrench on the handlebars but I'm sure it has some sort of special meaning.

Elvis is awesome but I like the 1939 knucklehead he built for his wife Amy even better.  I like it so much that it got my vote for best in show.

I had first seen this bike last year at the Donnie Smith Show and it was my favorite bike of that show too.  I saw it later that year at the Full Tilt Chopper Show (click here for pics).

If you look at my pics from the Donnie Smith Show (click here) you can see a number of changes were made including replacing the foot clutch / hand shift for a more modern hand clutch / foot shift setup.  The air cleaner, license bracket, taillight, and tank pinstriping are all different too.

One more post to go but it's a big one and 100%-pure Sportsters!

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