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Friday, March 23, 2012

New Alpinestars GP-R Jacket

I've had the same Harley-Davidson leather jacket for over 5 years.  It's always been nice when layering up for the cold but is too baggy with only a t-shirt under it.  In the warmer weather, I do have a Harley mesh jacket but often ride around in a t-shirt.  Not smart, I know.  I wanted a warm-weather leather jacket that fit nice and snug while offering good protection.

I went to a local Harley dealer and Tousley Motorsports but didn't see anything I liked.  I went to Bob's Cycle Supply in St. Paul for the first time on Saturday and was really impressed by their selection.  Even though I know they are not typical Harley-rider brands, I found myself debating between an Icon jacket and an Alpinestars jacket.  I really liked both but went with Alpinestars.  I really appreciate the outstanding reputation of Alpinestars for serious motorcycle racing gear.

I bought the Alpinestars GP-R perforated leather jacket in black.

It fits great, has a good mix of heavy leather and Aramidic (Kevlar) panels, and has built-in CE-approved armor for overall excellent protection.  Bob's had it for a good price too.  I rode with it all weekend and the airflow is great and the jacket is very comfortable.  The only thing that's weird is that the zipper is on the wrong side - must be a European thing.  I'll get used to it.

I know I may look a little odd wearing an Alpinestars jacket on a Road King or chopped Sporty but I really don't care.  The white logos do stand out a bit more than I'd like but it's OK.  It's definitely not as flashy as other sportbike brand jackets.

At least I'll be easy to spot if you ever want to say hi at a local bike night.

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