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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Making an Emblem out of a Pin

When I was at the swap meet in Anoka last month, I picked up a few pins intended for hats, jackets, vests, or whatever.  I picked up two of this oval Sportster pin thinking I might be able to use them emblems of sorts.  They are roughly 1 3/4" x 3/4".

I cut the two pins off the back and sanded the back smooth.  Then I started to sand the silver parts on the front since they were quite rough and metal began to flake off.  Clearly, they were plated.

I used lacquer thinner to take the original black paint off.

Then I sanded it a lot more and sprayed it the whole front black.

A week later, I sanded the front to remove the black from the raised sections and edges.

After cleaning it up, I sprayed a few coats of clear.  Here are the results side by side with the pin I haven't modified.  The modified pin is much smoother.

I used 3M Super Strength Molding Tape to attach it to my handlebar riser clamp.  Here it is installed.

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